Spanning just over four decades, from the south
corner to the north corner of the west coast.
Steve Brom has been designing and shaping watercraft for the oceans and waterways of the world.


With a constant eye on, and hand in the evolution of design in the areas of Surfing, Sail boarding, Kayaking, Racing and recreational paddling.


Steve Brom has recently become immersed in the incredible sport of “stand‐up‐paddling”.


As a member of the elite group of famous Surfboard Shapers found on the “Shaper’s Family Tree”, Steve’s name can also be found as a recognized master shaper in Nat Young’s book “The History of Surfing”.

The 70’s found Steve shaping 10 surfboards a day in Huntington Beach California, as the youngest Head shaper in history, for “Dyno Surfboards”, a large and established board building company.


In the 80’s Steve Brom is in Venice Beach shaping and designing surfboards and progressive high performance sailboards, for the new and young talent of the Windsurfer International team.


All the while developing some of the fastest racing paddleboards for the lifeguards and competitors of the famous “Bud Lite” lifeguard competitions held each summer on the Southern California coast.


The 90’s lead into the prolific expression of Steve’s design potential, in the world of roto‐molded kayaks with Ocean Kayak Inc.

Asked to design new boats following the Tim Neimier era, Steve continued on to design at least 14 new models of kayaks. Many still available today.


As the years rounded the corner into this new century, Steve’s experience, have brought many new and exciting projects to fruition for the people that came to him with an idea that needed his talent.


The latest of which, being the revolutionary new hybrid “Stand‐up‐Paddleboard” dubbed the “Yolo Yak”.


A hollow durable roto‐molded watercraft that challenged Steve to draw from all of those categories of design development and experience with the roto‐molding manufacturing process, to create a successful working shape for a new market.