Many styles are available from a dedicated teardrop nose extending ¼ of the distance to the tail, to a flat plate extended oval surface extending 1/3 the length of the board from the nose. Another historically popular bottom surface configuration includes a wide nose dished-out concave bottom surface that extends from the nose 2/3’s the length of the board and turning into a double barrel concave straddling a substantial “Vee” surface in the tail section. Most Surfengines Noseriders have a squaretail style that will vary in width according to the other dimensions of that board.


Surfengines offers a beautiful longboard cruiser.  It’s got a flowing pinline style outline, that includes continuous curves, forgiving rail transitions and a smooth blending rocker, that makes paddling, catching waves and turning an effortless feeling as you become one with the wave. This board is a highly intellengent mix of compound curves developed and refined over a forty year span. It’s shape revisits days and an era gone by, extracting the goodness and beauty of lessons learned then, while incorporating performance learned now for today’s most user friendly ride.