The Brom-Fish as it has come to be known, has arguably been the most imitated Fish Surfboard in the history of the design.

Surfers, the likes of David Nuuhiwa, Carl Hayward, Clyde Beatty, Daniel Graham and Lauren Yater, to name just a few, have all been blown away by the incredible speed and performance in any wave that it could paddle into!


The Brom-Fish is world renowned, and has been ridden to death since Steve Brom started making them in the early 70’s.

With phenomenal paddling qualities hidden in each board, these Fish perform in as large a wave as you can catch. It can generate something from nothing in small junk wind swells, making connecting the sections just as much fun!

The Brom-Fish becomes an extension of the body and after forty years of subtle design refinements, its still ready to take you wherever you are thinking that you would like to be on that wave !  -   Have Fun … !!!



Lengths generally vary from 10’2” to 8’2” and widths varying from 20 ½” to 23 ½”.

Concave noserider designs include and vary from a dedicated type of concave tear-drop section at the nose, to a blended concave entry that can flow as far back along the bottom as to where the natural area of the “Vee” in the tail begins to develop.

If you’re more interested,  in the market, and have a few minutes. We’ve gone into detail on this particular craft. If you click on the details, you will be able to read more about the product, what it’s made of, what the background of that product is and how to take the next step and customize an order to optimize your needs and ideas.



A high performance full displacement hull, a prone sprint flat bottom racing style design and a hybrid glider that borrows a little from each of these designs to create the ultimate intermediate mix that works well in all conditions. The fourth design is a purely recreational/fishing/touring style board, outfitted with accessory options that can be detailed to your needs!

The Kneeboard ... What Fun ! How many times have you looked at that perfectly shaped little tube breaking in front of you, and wished you and your board could fit inside. Or, the times you’ve been slapped down or slipped on a late take off and had to ride out that wave on your knees. You thought to yourself … hope nobody saw that, or, you thought that … that actually ended up being really fun. Well …

Steve Brom has been designing and shaping performance kneeboards for over forty years, and these different designs vary according to your style and performance preferences.